Music Appreciation

  • Course: Music Appreciation

    Instructor: Jarrett Hansen

    Fall Semester 2019

    M, T, F 12:05-1:00

    Th 10:08-12:01

    Room: M2 Band Room

    Course Description

    This class is composed of 9th-12th grade students and serves as an introduction to music theory, music history, basic musical skills, and sharing different cultural aspects of music. Music is a part of our everyday lives whether we recognize it or not, and this class will seek to build on students’ interests in music, genres of music, and make connections between music and other subjects as well as aspects of everyday life.


    Goals, Objectives, Expectations

    Our goals are simple, and follow these standards from the State of California Music Standards:

    1.0 Artistic Perception
    Processing, Analyzing, and Responding to Sensory Information Through the Language and Skills Unique to Music. Students read, notate, listen to, analyze, and describe music and other aural information, using the terminology of music.

    2.0 Creative Expression
    Creating, Performing, and Participating in Music. Students apply vocal and instrumental musical skills in performing a varied repertoire of music. They compose and arrange music and improvise melodies, variations, and accompaniments, using digital/electronic technology when appropriate.

    3.0 Historical and Cultural Context
    Understanding the Historical Contributions and Cultural Dimensions of Music. Students analyze the role of music in past and present cultures throughout the world, noting cultural diversity as it relates to music, musicians, and composers.

    4.0 Aesthetic Valuing
    Responding to, Analyzing, and Making Judgments About Works of Music. Students critically assess and derive meaning from works of music and the performance of musicians according to the elements of music, aesthetic qualities, and human responses.

    5.0 Connections, Relationships, Applications
    Connecting and Applying What Is Learned in Music to Learning in Other Art Forms and Subject Areas and to Careers. Students apply what they learn in music across subject areas. They develop competencies and creative skills in problem solving, communication, and management of time and resources that contribute to lifelong learning and career skills. They also learn about careers in and related to music.


    Texts and Materials

    Students need to provide paper and pencils or pens to take notes and complete written assignments. Students are given 1 pair of drumsticks and a bucket for bucket drumming at the beginning of the school year. If sticks or the bucket is lost, stolen, or broken during the year the student needs to replace those materials on their own.



    40% Daily Participation: 5 points/day

    Students come to class prepared, attentive, focused, and work hard each and every time we have class. If a student is tardy, they start the class period with 3 out of 5 points, with no make-up available. Unexcused absences will receive 0 out of 5 points, with no make-up available. Lack of participation, lack of effort, constant disruptions, having electronics out, not following class procedures, etc. will also lead to points being deducted.

    20% Assignments

    Students will have assignments throughout the semester during class that need to be completed. These will cover music theory, music history, and some hands on activities with instruments.

    20% Projects

    Students will have multiple projects due throughout the semester that will cover topics such as musical artists, genres of music, and music history.

    20% Final Exam

    There will be a final exam that is comprehensive, covering the material that we discussed throughout the semester.

    Grade Scale

    100%+ A+ 93-100% A          90-92.99% A-   87-89.99% B+ 83-86.99% B          80-82.99% B-   77-79.99% C+   73-76.99% C     70-72.99% C- 60-69.99% D            0-59.99% F


    Room Care/Electronics

    We are blessed with great facilities at San Leandro High School. Students are to respect the band room and all of the equipment in the room. Therefore, no food and drink (except for water) is allowed. Anyone choosing to eat or drink in the classroom will be asked to discard their items. Any and all electronic devices are NOT allowed in class (phones, iPods, headphones, laptops, etc.) unless authorized by the instructor. This is school policy. Students who use electronics in class will have them confiscated and returned at the end of class. Continued use will result in further consequences. Please refer to the San Leandro High School Student handbook. Students are also responsible for returning their chairs, stands, instruments, music, and any other equipment to its appropriate place at the conclusion of every class. Students who continue to not follow this policy will be asked to come clean the band room after school and/or reported to administration.


    Contacting the Teacher

    E-mail is the best way to reach me. I am also free during lunch and as well as most days after school. Feel free to leave a voicemail if that is a better option for you.


    Jarrett Hansen, Director of Bands: (510) 618-4600 Ext. 2190