Educational Services Division

Department of Teaching, Learning, and Educational Equity

The Teaching, Learning, and Educational Equity Department is designed to support San Leandro Unified School District for the kind of dynamic 21st Century teaching and learning that will prepare students for career and college readiness, while also raising achievement and access for students through more responsive, personalized learning pathways.
IC 2015-16
Sean Cavanaugh— Gery Baura—
Ari Dolid— Doris Castillo—
Gaia Pine— Sally Lewis—
Alane Paul Castro— Tony Aguirre—
PF 2014
Norma Alonzo -
Jennifer Amante -
 Katrina Delgado -
Gloria Fernandez - 
Joanna Garcia - 
Rebecca Jauregui -
Sara Lopes -
Maria Ochoa -
Laura Ordonez -
Art Stewart -
Mirnaly Tamayo - 
Jasmin Vega -