• Dear Parents or Guardians,
    Welcome to to my class of 2019-2020.  My name is Mrs. Debra Takagawa.  I am teaching sixth grade math with the Eureka math book.  I am your child's math teacher and we have a challenging year. The math book is using real life word problems as the format for introducing and practicing the math standards. 
    For more details see my Aeries website Click here.
    Currently in class
    We are in Module 1.  We will be finishing by Oct 20.  As we start this year it is apparent to remind students that homework might not count for much as a total grade but the practice is vital to doing well on quizzes and tests.  We will be using tape diagrams to assist us in understanding our solutions. 


    The student will be responsible for doing all classwork.  Students should expect homework on Monday for lessons we will work on in class during the week. The homework is due on Thursday.  Homework should done in the students mathbook or worksheet as assigned and be kept until the end of the quarter.  Learning to keep things organized allows the teacher, parent, and student to see how they are doing.   
    The homework for many assignments will be accessible through the student website and on the Aeries website Click here.
    Homework will be a time for students to practice what we have been learning in class.  Students should show the work necessary to display how they got the answer.  Answers only will not be excepted and the work must be redone and turned in again. 
    Quizzes and Tests 
    There will be quizzes and tests for the modules that we are working on.  Some will be just like the exit tickets and others will be used for mid module and end of module assessments.  Retakes can be done as long as there is time in the quarter.  Retakes happen on Tuesdays.  Students are able to retake just the problems they missed.
     Student help 
    I will answer questions in class, as well as 20 minutes after school.  The students can also ask to see me at any other time (lunch, break, etc.).  I will also offer a homework club on Wednesdays from 2:05pm to 2:30 most every week.
    Another place to get help is called homework helpers and you can find it on the John Muir website.  Click on families and communities.  Then click on "Math resource for students"  On the blue page click on the "math homework helpers"  after that choose the grade, module, and lesson of the homework your working on and the look alike problems are there to help guide you through the thinking process.

     Required Materials

    All students will need a spiral notebook for their math notes.  Students not having one will be given one that they will pay for using our class rewards called oops passes.  Students must bring 2 PENCILS, 3 ring binder, John Muir planner and homework to class everyday.  All work must be done in pencil.  Pen will not be accepted. 

    Reaching Me

    Parents: If you would like to discuss issues about your child you can reach me 3 ways. 
    1) Send a note with your child to class and please indicate when you can be reached. 
    2) Send an Email to dtakagawa@slusd.us
    3) Call the school at 618-4400 x3757 to leave a request for me to call.  Please leave a phone number and a time you can be reached. 
    My goal in the classroom is to maintain a discipline policy consistent with the school policy.                                                                                                                  

    Falcon Code of Conduct                         

    Be Respectful                            

    Be Reflective                                                                    

    Be Responsible                           

                           School Wide Rules  
       Be in the room, in your seat, working by the tardy bell.
       No Backpacks in the classroom. 
       No gum, food, drinks (Except water) in the classroom. 
       Cell phones must be kept off and out of sight. 
       Follow the dress code. 

    All students are expected to follow the school wide rules. Consequences as outlined in the student handbook will apply to violation of these policies.


    All work, class notes and tests will be given point values.  Grades will be based on 75% quizzes and tests, and 10% for classwork and effort, and 15% for homework. The total points are graded as follows:

    90-100%=A   80-89%=B   70-79%= C   60-69%=D   Below 59% = F