• Helen Nakamura
    Mrs. Helen Nakamura
    Second Grade
    Room 15
    Phone #: 618-4340 x3115
    Email: hnakamura@slusd.us
    Welcome to Second Grade! I am excited to be your child's
    teacher this year.  I am looking forward to getting to know
    your child, and learning how best to have him/her reach
    their full academic potential.  We work hard in class, but we
    also have fun, too.  I'm hoping your child finds the curriculum
    this year to be engaging.
    Part of a child's academic (and behavioral) success is the
    communication that happens between the teacher and parent. 
    I am very responsive to emails, and I hope you are, too!
    Please do not hesitate to email me with any concerns during
    the school year. 
    My weekly newsletters will be passed out in class AND
    posted (on the left) every Monday.  Please make sure you
    read these newsletters to keep up to speed on what is
    happening in the classroom. If you would prefer to have 
    the newsletter sent to you via email instead of getting a
    hard copy, please send me an email to let me know.
    It is important that your child reads to you, or you
    read to him/her (if it is a harder book), EVERY day.  
    We have a dedicated half hour of reading in the
    classroom every day, but children need the extra
    practice at home, too.
    Spelling tests are taken, and graded, every Friday.
    Please look for it to see how your child did.
    The spelling words are inside the homework packet.
    Please practice the words at home each week.
    About Me 
    • This is my seventh year of teaching.
    • I have taught both first and second grades (mainly 2nd).
    • I received my teaching credential from Cal State East Bay. 
    • I received my B.A. from UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) 
    • I am Mom to two boys (ages 8 and 5).
    • I love to travel.  I also love to eat!