Testing and Apex Progress during COVID-19 school closure

  • Dear APEX Students,
    Thank you for your continued patience as we adapt to an ever-changing learning environment. We have created a process for students to schedule testing appointments and take their unit test(s) at home. This testing process will only be available during the COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order and school closure.

    Written Work Submission:

    • All written work must be submitted online to this email address: apexspecial1@gmail.com
    • You must include your Full Name, Class Name, and Activity# in the subject line of your email.
    • For example, Mary Jones, World History B (or semester 2), 2.1.7
    • If your work is handwritten on paper, consider taking a CLEAR and legible photo of the document and emailing that.
    • If we cannot read your work, we may send it back with a rewrite request.
    • If you are finished with a class except for tests, we will be checking to see that all journals, practices, and projects have been completed before we add a new class.



    • Quizzes have been reset to allow for three tries. 
    • Be sure to study between each failure.
    • If you do not pass on the third try, email us at apexspecial1@gmail.com
    • We will allow progress to the next activity/lesson but no additional retakes.


    Unit Test / CST Unlock Request Process

    • Students must submit all written work to apexspecial1@gmail.com prior to scheduling an appointment and request a unit test to be unlocked. 
    • Complete the online appointment request  by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/APEXcst
    • Students will receive confirmation and reminder emails if their appointment request has been approved.
    • The requested CST/Unit test will be unlocked at the start of the appointment time.  Students will have two hours to complete the test.
    • At the end of the two-hours, the unit test will be locked.  Students who did not finish their unit test during the two hours will need to submit a new appointment request at https://bit.ly/APEXcst


    Adding an Extra Class:

    • If you are making good progress on your current class and would like to add an extra class to stay on track towards your diploma, email us at apexspecial1@gmail.com
    • Since we do not currently have access to hardcopy student files, please be patient if you do not get your new class right away. 
    • All guidelines for Quizzes, Unit Tests, and Written Work Submission above will still apply.


    If you have any other questions, please email us at apexspecial1@gmail.com


    Take care and stay well!

    The ASE Advising Team,

    Stacy Anderson, Cathy Gample, & Cindy Lau