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    Name: Nick Sigmon  
    Room Number: 144
    Phone Number: (510)618-4600 ext. 2144
    Email: nsigmon@slusd.us
    Bio: Nick Sigmon went through a difficult period of his life while attending San Leandro High. He was talented, but suffered from depression and a lack of role models. He dropped out of college after four quarters at the University of California at Santa Barbara before enrolling at Chabot College. He transferred to UC San Diego where he accidentally discovered the true purpose of education for the first time in his academic career. He now recognizes that gaining skills and knowledge is the greatest reward for one's academic pursuits. Feeling cheated by his own education and worried that others would make the same mistake he did: that the purpose of education is to get good grades and earn degrees, he enrolled in graduate school at UCSD and dedicated his life to helping young scholars understand the true gift of education. This philosophy has helped shape his grading policy. His students' grades are intended to be accurate reflections of how well they have mastered the skills and content of his classes.
    After nearly giving up on life during his adolescence, Nick is now incredibly happy with his life. He met the love of his life in 2015 while riding his bicycle from Oakland to Long Beach. After a year of dedicated courting, he finally convinced her to start dating him. They have raised two beautiful cats, Rorschach and Nymeria, and got engaged in 2018. In 2016, Nick was hired to teach at his former high school. Now he feels that he has found his life's purpose as he is able to teach, coach, and mentor the students who are in the exact same place he was when he himself was in his greatest need.
    When Nick is not in the classroom, he can usually be found on the trails at Lake Chabot. He continues to run competitively and is grateful for the support he receives from a small but wonderful running shoe company, Topo Athletic. His recent race results can be found here, though he would like to point out that anyone who views these results should keep in mind that no races have been omitted. Even the worst races where he was not in his best form, got lost, sprained his ankle, dislocated his shoulder, or experienced severe GI distress are included. While his results may seem impressive, he is far more proud of the work that went into his athletic career and the self-discipline he has developed; his racing successes are a product of years of dedicated, consistent hard work.
    (Old)  training log (go to "DR training page" for current training log)