Mathematics Acceleration Information: Middle School

  • Timeline and Process
    All students in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades are screened to see if they qualify for Acceleration in Mathematics in the late Spring. Students who qualify will be sent home a notification letter and acceleration application during the month of June. Please note, students must meet all of the criteria below. Students who do not meet all of the criteria below will not receive a notification letter and acceleration application. Feel free to contact the principal at your school for additional information.

    In order for a student to successfully accelerate in mathematics and skip a course, there are many criteria that must be met. Students must meet all of the criteria below in order to qualify for acceleration:

    1. A grade of "A" in mathematics on the middle school report card. In lieu of mathematics grades in elementary, teacher recommendation will be used
    2. "Exceeds Standards" on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress in Mathematics
    3. 90th percentile or greater on the Star Math Assessments
    4. Proficient in all topics on the Mathematics Diagnostic Test Project Assessment
    5. Student written statement indicating a desire to accelerate
    6. Teacher Recommendation   

    Additional Information
    Students may only accelerate once during middle school.  Students who meet the acceleration criteria will be placed in the corresponding course for which they qualify.  For example, current 5th-grade students who meet all of the criteria above will be placed in Math 7, instead of Math 6.  As a result, the Math 7 course will have both 6th-grade students who accelerated and 7th-grade students who did not accelerate.