CA School Dashboard

  • Background

    Based on the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), which was passed in 2013, California has a new accountability system that is based on multiple measures. These measures are used to determine local educational agency (LEA) and school progress toward meeting the needs of their students. The measures are based on factors that contribute to a quality education, including high school graduation rates, college/career readiness, student test scores, English learner (EL) progress, suspension rates, and parent engagement.

    California's New Accountability and Continuous Improvement System

    The California School Dashboard (Dashboard) is a powerful online tool to help districts and schools identify strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint student groups that may be struggling. It reports performance and progress on the state and local indicators:

    • The state indicators apply to all LEAs, schools, and student groups and are based on data that is collected consistently across the state.
    • Local indicators apply at the LEA and charter school level and are based on data collected by the local level.

    The state and local indicators are drawn from the ten priority areas of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF).