LCFF Local Indicator Dashboard

  • The new California School Dashboard and LCFF Evaluation Rubrics indicators are the foundation of the new accountability system for California districts and schools. They are in line with the eight state priorities that guide district LCAPs and the federal Every Student Succeeds Act accountability system.

    The standards for the local performance indicators are based on whether San Leandro Unified School District did the following:

    1. Measured their progress on the local performance indicator based on locally available information, and
    2. Reported the results to the SLUSD’s local governing board at a regularly scheduled meeting of the local governing board and to stakeholders and the public through the evaluation rubrics.

    SLUSD determines whether they have (Met, Not Met, or Not Met for Two or More Years) for each applicable local performance indicator. SLUSD makes this determination by using self-reflection tools included in the evaluation rubrics, which will allow them to measure and report their progress through the California School Dashboard.

    The local performance standards that are used to determine that are used are as follows: 

    • Priority 1 - Basic Services: The school district appropriately assigns teachers, there is access to curriculum-aligned instructional materials, and facilities are safe, clean and functional
    • Priority 2 - Implementation of Academic Standards: The school district annually measures its progress implementing state academic standards
    • Priority 3 - Parent Engagement: The school district annually measures its progress in (1) seeking input from parents in decision making and (2) promoting parental participation in programs
    • Priority 6 - School Climate: The school district administers a local school climate survey at least every other year that provides a valid measure of perceptions of school safety and connectedness, such as the California Healthy Kids Survey, to students in at least one grade within the grade span(s) that the LEA serves (e.g.., K-5, 6-8, 9-12). 

    Local Indicators