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    I am the Lead Teacher of the ESL Department at San Leandro Adult School. I taught English here for many years. Now I work with the ESL teachers to help our students enjoy and learn from our English classes.

    I still love meeting and talking with our students. Our students and our teachers are wonderful!

    I am often in my office at the adult school, Room 106. Please stop by and say hello!


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  • Quiet Time at the Adult School

    Posted by Amy Kivel on 6/26/2019

    What's happening this week at San Leandro Adult School?

    It's very quiet right now. The floors are being washed and waxed by our great custodian, Maria. This takes planning, equipment, and a lot of work!



    For beginning students: Cleaning Supplies Video

    For intermediate students: English for Work: Housekeeping Vocabulary


    Maria waxing the floors.

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