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  • Welcome to the Overview of Physical Education at John Muir Middle School

    Below you should be able to find all of the information you need to be successful in physical education this year. If you can't find something, contact me.  I am looking forward to a great year! 


    Ms. Blaskshore Contact Information: 

    Email: ablackshore@slusd.us 

    School Phone #: 510-318-4400x3786

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    Physical Education Contract 

    The Physical Education instructors will develop the student’s hand-eye coordination, flexibility, strength and social skills according to the California Standards for Physical Education.  This is a structured activity class that also focuses on the academics.


    Grading for Physical Education 

    John Muir’s physical education grade is based on points earned.

    • Students are graded on points earned
      • 10 points a day / 50 points a week
    • Students LOSE points with infractions.  Infractions can cost a student up to five points.
      • Two types of infractions
        • Citizenship Infractions (worth 5 points a day)
        • Participation Infractions (worth 5 points a day)


    Grading Break Down:

    *40% - Participation:  How you work in PE class.

    Effort, time out, absent (including suspension), no participation (except excused).

    Participation points lost from absences, can be made up or “earned back” by doing written work or in class fitness runs.  Students may submit make up work to their PE teacher before the end of each quarter. Make up work can be found on the link at the top of the page.  Fitness runs can be completed during PE class unless other arrangements have been made with your teacher.

    *40% - Assignments or Summative Tests: Written or practical tests, fitness days, fitness testing, PE binder checks and other in class formative assessments. 

    *20% - Citizenship:  Class preparedness and personal responsibility in PE class.  Tardies (except excused), suit cuts, inappropriate PE shoes, gum, jewelry, sagging, no binder, not following directions and disruptive behavior  


    Citizenship Grade

    The Physical Education staff at John Muir takes the citizenship grade very seriously.  Because Physical Education is set in a large group with many social interactions, we feel that the student’s ability to listenfollow directions, and respect peers and adults is critical.

    Physical Education teachers use the following rubric:

    Outstanding (O):……always….

    • Students stay on task and put forth effort.
    • Students listen and follow directions.
    • Students are responsible and respectful to others. 
    • Students participate and add to the class in a positive way.

    Satisfactory (S):…...usually or sometimes……

    • Students are usually on task.
    • Students listen, follow rules and directions most of the time.
    • Students are usually responsible and respectful to others
    • Students participate in class appropriately and seldom need to be corrected.

    Needs Improvement (NI): ……consent reminders…..

    • Students have to be reminded regularly to stay on task.
    • Students constantly need reminders to follow directions and rules.
    • Students continually need reminders to be respectful to others.
    • Students frequently interrupt class through disruption.

    Unsatisfactory (U):……consistently 

    • Students make no effort to stay on task.
    • Students do not follow directions or rules.
    • Students are disrespectful and rude to others, making no attempt to change their behavior.
    • Students consistently disrupt class.                     


    P.E. Uniform Requirement

    John Muir PE students are required to dress for PE every day – no exceptions. 

    Students must wear their gym clothes properly.  

    No sagging of shorts, sweats, etc. will be tolerated- students will be disciplined.


    • Reversible black and red shirt
    • Solid black shorts
    • 2 pairs of socks
    • non-marking athletic shoes
    • (optional) 100% cotton solid light gray sweat shirt (no hood or zipper) and sweat pants

    *We will accept the following uniform, not purchased at John Muir:  a solid black T-shirt and a solid red T-shirt with solid black shorts. 


     Substitute Uniform 

    • A substitute uniform is something other than what you wore to school, used as your PE uniform for the day.
    • Any color T-shirt, shorts or sweats
    • Substitute uniform cannot be worn more than 3 days a quarter without losing points


    PE Dressing Rules:

    • No sharing P.E. clothes with your friends.  This is important for personal hygiene.
    • Students will NOT be permitted to wear gym clothes to their next class or home.
    • No school clothes of any kind are to be worn under your gym clothes.  We will accept a white tank top/undershirt only.
    • P.E. Clothes are to be taken home on Friday and returned clean on Monday



    Medically Excused Students

    When there are minor physical ailments, the student is still expected to dress and participate in a limited manner directed by the teacher.  These ailments include:  cramps, “feels ill”, headache, stomach ache, asthma and allergies.  For reasons such as hurt ankle, leg or knee, the student should dress and participate in an appropriate manner that will not aggravate their injury. 
    If an injury is more than minor and the student cannot participate in class a note must be signed, dated, reason given by the parent and given to the P.E. teacher.  After 3 consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required per California Educational Code.


    Parent Note:

    • Reason for limited participation
    • Dated
    • Parent signature
    • Note may limit a student’s activity for a maximum of 3 consecutive days


    Doctor’s Note

    • Date seen by doctor
    • Reason for non-participation
    • Date as to when the student is to return to physical activity
    • Any modifications student may due during class. (ie, no push-ups, but running/jogging is okay)
    • Signature of doctor


    PE Locker Room Policies

    • Absolutely NO JEWELRY is allowed in class (this includes rings, necklaces, bracelets, pins, earrings and watches, any type of metal clip or any type of hair clip, knocker ball hair ties, or claw clips of any size).
    • NO cell phones or camera allowed in the locker rooms.
    • Any defacing and/or destruction of school property – lockers, walls mirrors, toilets, etc. will result in disciplinary action according to the school and district discipline policy.
    • Invasion of privacy – going into other people’s property, i.e. lockers etc. will result in disciplinary action according to the school and district policy.
    • Student locks are loaned to students by the school for private use.  To keep belongings safe, do NOT give you’re your combinations to others. 
    • Only combination locks, provided by the school, will be permitted.  Lost locks must be paid for ($7.00 at the gym office).
    • No aerosol or pump cans/bottles in locker room (i.e. hairspray, deodorant, body spray).
    • No glass containers – (perfume bottles, deodorant, juice containers, etc.) allowed.
    • We recommend each student bring an “Emergency Kit” to keep in his or her locker.  Contents must include: band-aid, pony tail holder or rubber band, safety pin, a small box or jewelry pouch to hold jewelry, feminine products and sunscreen

    Discipline Procedures

    • 1st & 2nd offense    Warning plus infraction & Teleparent
    • 3rd offense             Teleparent – reflection paper – teacher call home
    • 4th offense             Teleparent – referral to Counselor
    • 5th offense             Referral to VP


    Physical Education teachers try to keep students in class no matter how many clothes cut they may have.  However, when students don’t dress in their PE uniform for, at least, the 3rd time it is becoming defiant and adversely affecting their physical education grade.  In this case the teacher my choose to either send the student to time out or keep in class with a call home.


     John Muir Students and Families I am looking forward to an awesome year! 

    Play Hard!

    Have Fun!

    Be Nice!