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  • The State of California’s minimum graduation requirements remain the same for students graduating in 2020. However, pending SLUSD Board Approval, the following credit reduction recommendations for the Class of 2020: Class of 2020 Credit Reduction Proposal will go into effect. In summary, this means the Class of 2020 must earn a minimum of 200 credits (a reduction from the normally required 220 credits and pass either a year of Technical Art, World Language, or VAPA (instead of all three) in order to graduate.


    Counselors are reviewing the graduation progress of all our seniors in light of these new requirements and using third-quarter grades as a strong indicator of who will pass their required classes. Most of our seniors primarily need to pass their English and Economics or Government class in order to graduate. An additional group still needs elective credits. Seniors who were selected for a Spring Athletic team will be awarded five units of waiver credit for PE. 


    After 4th quarter progress reports go out, counselors will be contacting students who are in danger of not meeting graduation requirements in order to make a plan. 


    Seniors should email their counselor if they have any questions regarding graduation eligibility.