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    SAFETY LGBTQS (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, 
    questioning, straight) Alliance is a group of parents and staff 
    working together to promote safety, respect, and support for 
    LGBTQ youth, staff , families, and allies in San Leandro schools.
    Past achievements include:
    • the Todd Bove Memorial Family Photo Wall
    • Parent Education Nights on a range of topics
    • Fundraising for the PTA by taking photos during the Roosevelt 
    auction and donating the money back to the PTA
    • Marching in San Francisco’s Gay Pride Parade with SLHS Club Rainbow, 
    school district officials, and the city mayor
    • Family social events such as movie screenings, game nights, ice skating outings, 
    and summer picnics.
    JOIN US! Seeking volunteers who want to make a difference. Join 
    us at a meeting or email noviacita72@gmail.com to discuss ways 
    to get involved.
    “Every student should feel safe at school. I want to do everything I 
    can to help make that a reality.” —PARENT
    “The family picture wall is awesome. I am proud that my parents 
    helped make that happen.” —STUDENT
    “As an Alliance member I am making social change and modeling 
    being an ally to my child.” —PARENT