School Attendance and Tardiness

    We ask your fullest cooperation in seeing that your child attend school each day and on time. Absence and tardiness can cause your child to miss essential instruction affecting their academic success. You will receive an automated phone call when your child is absent reminding you to clear their attendance.

     Clearing Attendance

    When your child returns to school after an absence, a note must be brought to school stating the reason for absence. In case of illness be specific. You may also clear your child's attendance by calling the office at 618-4341. You may leave a message. Tardy students should go directly to the office with a note explaining the tardiness. They should not go to their class.
    Average Daily Attendance and Funding

    If your child must be out for a portion of the day due to an appointment, please have them either begin the school day before leaving or come to school after the appointment. Public school funding is based on Average Daily Attendance and we loose funding every time a student misses a full day of school.


    Do not send your child (ren) to school if they have a fever, coughing, or other symptoms that are contagious. A phone call to the school to report that your child has a communicable disease or condition (ex. Chickenpox, strep throat, pink eye) will help us to be alert for signs of contagious illnesses in other children.

     Independent Study Contracts

    If you are planning to take your child out of school for 5 days or longer and no more than 20, you may request an Independent Study Contract. Your child’s teacher will assign work to be done for the period of time your child will be gone and your child receives attendance credit if all assignments are completed and returned. It is important that you plan ahead with the teacher so a contract can be ready before your child has to leave. 

    School Attendance and Review

    The school will contact parents with children who have repeated absences and tardiness. After the third occasion of tardiness or unexcused absence, you will receive a letter and or phone call. If the inconsistent attendance persists, you will receive a second letter and be scheduled for a meeting with the principal. Children who are habitually tardy or absent will be referred to the Child Welfare School Attendance Review Board (SARB).