Counseling Department

    SLHS Counseling Team
     To make a counseling appointment online, please submit a request form HERE.
    To contact the Counseling Office, Please call:  (510) 618-4600 ext. 2164.  Our fax number is (510) 895-1785.

    If you need to contact a counselor directly, please call (510) 618-4600 and the extension listed by their name.

    During the school closure, please make sure to email your counselor if you have any questions. 


     Office Hours


    Amy Olson

    Counseling Secretary

    Email:  Mrs. Olson

    Counseling Office

    M, F 8-4:00

    T,W,Th 8-3:30 

    CCC - Rm 400

    Tues and Wed 2:30-4:30




    Brenda Kitagawa

    AVID, 9th-12th grade

    Click to view Mrs. Kitagawa's Bio

    Email: Ms. Kitagawa 


    Counseling Office

     M, W, Th, F  7:55a-3:15p

    T 9:40a -3:30p  

    CCC - Rm 400

    Tues 3:30-5:00p 




    Wanda Armstrong

     9th-12th grade 

    Click to view Ms. Armstrong's Bio

    Email: Ms. Armstrong 

    Counseling Office

    T, W, Th, F  7:55-3:15

    M 9:40a -3:30p  

    CCC - Rm 400

    Mon. 3:30-5:00p 




    Nic Knudsen

    SLAM, 9th-12th 


    Email:  Mr. Knudsen 


    Counseling Office

    M,T, W, Th, F  7:55a -3:15p

    W 9:40a- 3:30p

     CCC-Rm 400

    Wed 3:30-5:00p





    Leena Yee

    SJA, ELL, 9th-12th

    Click to View Ms. Yee's Bio 

    Email: Ms. Yee 


     Counseling Office

     M, T,  Th, F  7:55a -3:15p

    Th 9:40a -3:30p  

    CCC - Rm 400

    Thurs 3:30-5:00p 




    Paula Vogt

    BA, ELL, 9th-12th Grade 

    Email: Ms. Vogt 

       Counseling Office

    M, T, W,  F  7:55a -3:15p

    W 9:45a -3:30p  

     CCC - Rm 400

    Wed 3:30-5:00p 




    Xia Kao

    9th- 12th Grade

    Email: Ms. Kao


    Counseling Office

    T, F 9:30a - 1:15p

    W, Th 9:30a - 3:15p





    Shaun Hale


    Lincoln, Lighthouse and Alternative Education Liaison

    Lincoln High School

    2600 Teagarden Street

    (510) 618-4460

    ext. 2676