Bancroft Middle School Sports


     updated 12/4/17

    Bancroft Middle School Sports, General Information

    --Anyone interested in trying out for an after school sports team at Bancroft will need the

    • A minimum 2.0 GPA from the most recently completed Bancroft quarter.
    • A signed parent permission slip that includes the citizenship rules.
    • Possible adherence to a signed athletic contract and/or uniform contract.
    • A completed Athletic Emergency/Authorization form that list participants’ health care
      coverage. This is different than the school requested emergency sheet requested at
      the beginning of the year. (If you purchase one of the Myers-Stevens-Toohey school
      plans, please request the Student Accident and Sickness Coverage pamphlet from the
      main office).
    • A Sports Physical, best dated after May 1st to ensure its valid for the school year.
      Physicals are valid for 13 months.
    • All forms/documents should be turned into the athletic director well before the first day of tryouts.


    We are offering the following sports for the 2017-18 School Year. These are the approximate
    season dates…

    B/G Cross Country                                                August to early November
    Girls Softball                                                        August to Late October
    Flag Football                                                        August to early November
    Girls Basketball                                                    October to December (new time frame)
    Boys Basketball                                                    December to early March (new time frame)
    B/G Wrestling                                                      January/February to early April
    Girls Soccer                                                         January to April
    Boys Soccer                                                         January to April
    Girls Volleyball                                                     February to April
    Track and Field                                                    March to Late May
    Boys Volleyball*                                                   March to May*
    B/G Golf*                                                            March to May*

    *Boys Volleyball and B/G Golf may or may not be offered, depending on budget and staffing.

    All Students and families are encouraged to attend sporting events to support our Broncos! If
    you have any questions please contact the athletic director, Jim Sorensen, at 510-618-4380, x
    3693 or email him at jsorensen@slusd.us         GO BRONCOS!!!!!