Lighthouse Independent Study

  • Lighthouse Independent Study is composed of three dedicated teachers that take time to assure student success. Generally students that are able to manage their time and have the discipline to meet weekly deadlines  have a great success in the independent studies program. Students meet with a teacher one hour per week and on average spend 30-40 hours per week completing homework assignments. Lighthouse is excellent for student with health issues, social anxiety, or heavy responsibilities at work or home. Lighthouse is not a credit recovery program, though successful students can sometimes recover credits after their first quarter.

What is Lighthouse Independent Study?

  • Independent Study provides students who are able to effectively manage their time and work well on their own an opportunity to also achieve their high school diploma. Our staff and teachers understand that health, family and or work obligations can interfere with daily schooling so our educators provide structured curriculum to help ensure the success of our Lighthouse students. The Independent Studies Program grants flexibility in student scheduling and support, without the loss of rigor.