• Update March 27, 2020

    Try this!  Earth Day 2020 (the 50th Anniversary) is coming up April 22, 2020.  Quiz your knowledge of Earth Day related topics!  If you don't know the answers now then you will learn them as your online quizzes are corrected:

    Earth Day Quizzes

    Earth Day Info

    Earth Day  


    Update March 21, 2020

    APES Students, if you haven't already, please do check link below re: "AP Updates for Schools Impacted by the Coronavirus"

    AP Updates for Schools Impacted by the Coronavirus


    Berkeley/CAL News Link

    UC Berkeley News re: Coronavirus



    Update March 19; 2020

    Link to CA Official Website about Novel Coronavirus Covid-19



    Links to some educational resources:





    Updated March 18, 2020

    For AP Studennts: See link below to info about "AP Udates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus:


    There will be a major announcement on March 20.  Also, there will be online resources for AP Students.  Check in frequently.



    Updated March 17, 2020

    Hello students, parents, families, community I truly hope that this message finds you well.  As we all face this unprecedented threat in our lifetimes of the novel Coronavirus pandemic we are instructed to shelter-in-place and practice "social distancing" when out in order to reduce risk of exposure to ourselves and our loved ones.  I encourage you to check news websites daily to monitor the situation i.e. abc7newsSF, Fox2Oakland, CNN, BBC, etc.

    The school district faculty and staff will make a reasonable effort to maintain some degree of education via Home Learning Plan.  Likely within the next day or so the school/district will be sharing lessons created by teachers with parents & students.  The assigned textbook is all that is necessary to do the assignments I have crafted, though access to the internet may help as well.  I encourage all students to do as much of the assigned work as possible at a pace that is comfortable for you, though at present the work is optional learning and enrichment.

    FYI in Environmental Science we had just started a Vermicomposting Project in class.  The Red Worms are fairly hearty and can survive tough times for a while.  Likely they will lay cocoons and there will be lots of baby worms when we return!  At worst, if our return to school gets postponed, the worms will donate their organic material to the compost itself ... the cycle of life continues.


    Here are a few links with info about the novel Coronavirus:


    CBS News Top 5 Covid-19 Q&A

    Taiwan News



    Updated December 2019

    Updated links to Conservation.org re: Biodiversity Hotspots

    (1st Link is New/BEST)




    Link about Threatened and Engandered Species, Extinction Crises via "Center for Biodlogical Diversity"



    Link to City of San Leandro Climate Action Plan Outreach Survey

    Participation in the survey will only take 10 min and will help shape the plan development and outreach efforts. Thank you for your time and assistance!



    Link to Cengage, Publisher of our AP Text "Living In The Environment" (Link Updated 11/5/2019)



    Link to info about "Environmental Science" by Karen Arms (College Prep Course Textbook)



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    "Less Is More"


  • What is the single most importatnt term or concept in Environmental Science?

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    Sustainability. Sustainability has many similar but different meanings across different fields.  Basically it refers to humans using resources modestly so that the same resources are available for future generations.  It refers to humans living within their means, sonsuming resources at a rate below the sustainable yeield.

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  • What is environmental science?

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    Environmental science is the study of how humans impact the envirnment.  It focuses on how humans use resources and alter the environment in the atmosphere, biosphere, geophere, and the hydrosphere. A major goal of the course is for students to learn how to identify and solve environmental problems.  It is a science course and is therefore about the science of phenomena related to the environment.

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