Hello and welcome to Our Homepage :)
    My current schedule for school year 2016-2017 is as follows:
    Period 1 -  AP American Government and Politics Full Year
    Period 2 -  AP American Government and Politics Full Year 
    Period 3 -  Psychology Fall/Spring
    Period 4 -  Psychology Fall/Spring 
    "A nation that asks nothing of government but the maintenance of order is already a slave in the depths of its heart; it is a slave of its well-being, ready for the man who will put it in chains."--Alexis de Tocqueville
    Period 5 -  Prep
    Period 6 -  Govt Honors Fall/Spring 




    Hello and Welcome!  This will be your home "page" for the next 18 weeks or if you are in AP Govt 36 weeks!  You are gonna work incredibly hard in our class but at the end of it you will come out of it all the more educated and challenged.  I hope you are ready and up to the task!  I am here always to facilitate and help you develop critical thinking skills regarding ALL of the learning that goes on in or out of our class!  Please recognize this and note that I am one of your number one advocate in helping you succeed.  Best of .... Ms. Sowers