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Principal's Message

Dear John Muir Families and Community,

 As we end the first quarter of the school year please take time with your student to talk about his/her academic progress. Please continue to encourage and motivate your student to be positively engaged in their learning and to attend school each and every day on time. You should also encourage your student to follow all classroom and school rules, and to complete all their class work and homework every day.

If you haven’t already done so, this is a good time to open lines of communication with your student’s teachers. You can also keep up to date about your students’ progress by checking If you need support with speaking to your students teachers or have questions about their academic performance contact your counselor and/or your administrator. If your students needs extra support in their academic classes have them come to after school tutoring on Tuesdays.

As we work together toward our school mission of creating a safe and inclusive community where everyone is actively engaged in learning, I ask for your continued support in making this a reality. You can support us by having your student come to school each and every day ready to learn. Ready to learn means that students have their binders, papers, pencils, books, homework, and any assignments they need for the day. I also ask that you support us in maintaining a safe environment by helping our students to learn to resolve conflicts in a constructive manner. Let’s model for students care and respect for one another as we work together to create a positive experience for your student.

I look forward to working together with you and your students and thank you for your continued support and efforts in making our schools mission a reality.


Vernon L. Walton Jr, Ed.D