January Principal's Message

January 9, 2019

Principal’s Message

Each New Year provides us with the opportunity to take stock in where we are in life and look to set goals for the upcoming year.  Together we reached many milestones in 2018, and we need your support to address two important goals in 2019.

  1. We need every student to attend every day.
  2. We need every student to be on time and ready to learn.

So much of what we can accomplish as a school and a district depends on students being here on time every day.  We have an accomplished teaching staff that prepares engaging and thoughtful lessons that build and spiral on previous learning.  Students that miss days of school often develop gaps in their learning. These gaps can lead to doubt, a lack of confidence, and possibly a loss of their love of learning.

As a school, our weakest area of performance on the California Dashboard is in the area of chronic absenteeism.  In some situations, students are missing more than 20% of their school days. No student can reach their potential missing 1 out of every 5 days of school.

I am truly proud of the success our students have achieved at our school.  I am most proud of the time and effort teachers put into each day of instruction.  We are very fortunate to work in the San Leandro Unified School District where teachers are invested in doing everything possible to help every student succeed.  Even still, a child cannot receive the best learning possible unless they attend school regularly.

After School Programs offer structure, fun, and targeted support for students.

Our school does much more than just provide a great program between 8:10 am and the end of the instructional day.  At James Madison, we offer access to licensed before and after school childcare through the Champions program.  Champions provides structured activities and time for help with homework, if needed.   For pricing and hours, please check our website or call 510-246-1607 and ask for Mindy.

We will also be setting up afterschool activities, clubs, STEM projects, and sports / fitness sessions in the next month.  These programs are free to Madison students, but they do require cooperative student behavior and timely pick-up when the session is over each day.  Please stay tuned for more information.

Finally, we have two great programs for our students who need extra academic support.  In grades 1st through 3rd, we have Mustang Academy.  For our 2nd – 5th grade students, we have a targeted support program held in our library.  Both of these programs are designed to address academic intervention through a referral process.  The library program will no longer be a sign up on the website, but rather by invitation based on student academic needs.   If you have questions regarding these programs, please feel free to contact the office.

We add and develop programs in alignment with our school plan, district, and state funding.  Stop by the office for additional sports and arts programs hosted through the city of San Leandro and Alameda County.