San Leandro High School’s Tony Farley Receives Mayor’s Award for Excellence

December 5, 2018


SAN LEANDRO, CA: At the December City Council meeting, San Leandro High School teacher Tony Farley received the Mayor’s award for excellence for making a significant difference in San Leandro. Farley is a veteran teacher in the San Leandro Unified School District and a founding member of the San Leandro Multimedia Academy (SLAM). He was also an integral part of the construction of the San Leandro Arts Education Center at SLHS.

“Tony has been so instrumental in so many peoples’ lives,” said Cutter, “He truly deserves this award.” Cutter explained his role as a vocal advocate in the construction process of the multimedia facility and his presence as a mentor to students and adults alike. Farley confirmed that his students were surprised that he would be the one receiving the award when they are the ones who create the products that come out of the SLAM classrooms. “I couldn’t do anything without the team of teachers in the academy, and the support of Superintendent Mike McLaughlin who helps us out all the time,” said Farley, “I am so honored to receive this recognition alongside this amazing group of community leaders.”

Mayor Pauline Russo Cutter expressed a sincere gratitude to all the nominees and their families for making San Leandro a better place for all. “We know that San Leandro is a city where kindness matters because the people who live or do business here make it such a special place. As my colleagues on the City Council can attest, it is our pleasure each year to recognize the service of those who make San Leandro the city we know it to be today.”

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