Student Daily Bulletin





Good Morning Broncos,

This is the BMS Morning Show for Friday November 22, 2019


Inspirational Message: “Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good to put together that overwhelm the world.” –Desmond Tutu     

Bronco Motto Message: Broncos, Take Care of One Another: Use your manners by saying, “please, thank you, excuse me, and I’m sorry,” with each other.


  1. Cafeteria Lunch Menu: Lunch today is nachos with cheese, meat and beans, or cheese pizza. Lunch includes salad bar, seasonal fruit, and your choice of milk.
  2. Hoods Off In Buildings: Would you wear a hood in the hall? I would not wear a hood in there at all. I will wear it on the field. To keep it on, I will not yield. I will wear it under trees. I will wear it if I please. I love to wear my nice warm hood, but in the hall it is not good. Please remember to take off your hoods when you enter the buildings at Bancroft. –Poem by Ms. How and Ms. Sonobe
  3. Robotics Club: Our Robotics meets today after school in classroom S-1 from 3:10-4:10. Please arrive on time. The club is now full. We are learning to program the blinking patter on a strip of LEDs. Don’t be late. Let Mr. Huey know if you can’t make it. –Mr. Huey
  4. Attention Students & Staff: On Wednesday, December 4th , during first period block, Yearbook will be hosting a picture day for all students in Music Electives, including Choir, Drums, Jazz, Orchestra and Band! All music students will be released to the gym Wednesday, December 4th after attendance is taken first period. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. –Mr. Rosenberg
  5. Rainbow Club: Don’t forget that Club Rainbow meets today during lunch in room 207. –Mr. Tan, Ms. Passmore, and Mr. Smothermon
  6. Spelling Bee Club: Spelling Bee Club to meet in P2 during lunch. Hope to see you there. –Ms. Sonobe

Please remember to take care of yourself, take care of one another and take care of Bancroft! Go Broncos!!