About the Board of Education

  • The San Leandro Unified School District Board of Education is comprised of seven members who are elected by the community for a term of four years. The District is divided into six trustee areas. Trustee areas are made as equal as possible in total population as declared by the most recent U.S. census. Board elections take place in November every other year. New board members are sworn in on the first board meeting of December, following the election.
    The Board of Education develops and sets District policies, which are then implemented by the Superintendent and staff. Each year, the Board of Education works closely with the Superintendent to develop the Superintendent’s Annual Goals. In order to carry out the objectives of the Board, each board member is assigned to at least one committee.

    Board of Education's Public Information

Board of Education

Board Meetings

  • All school board meetings, except closed sessions, are open to the public, which is warmly invited to attend. Regular meetings are usually the first and second Tuesdays of each month and are held at the San Leandro City Council Chambers, 835 E. 14th Street, San Leandro, CA.
    Board meeting minutes are kept on file at the District office and available online.